Happy people are the BEST people to be around. Remember that! Here are some things I do to keep myself truly happy!

xoxo, Gigi

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Check out Gigi’s highly requested look on how she styles her new hairdo!

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How much are you guys loving Gigi’s new look?
That middle part suits her so well!

You can clearly tell this transformation has not only changed Gigi for the better on the outside — but the inside as well. She’s beautiful.

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Anonymous ♥ asked:

so like do you remember when Gigi was doing a video on how to how to apply false lashes and he was about to put it on and she was like WTF IT SMELLS LIKE FART UP IN HURRRRR HUNTYYYYY and his blak fran was like girl im sorry I dident mean to but CALM THE FUK DOWN BIETCH ITS JUST A LITTLE FARTY JUICINESS and then Gigi was like WHAT THE FUCK SHANIQUIFA I THOUGHT WE TALKED ABOUT THIS U DUM WHORE

I’m calling the janitor

Anonymous ♥ asked:




Anonymous ♥ asked:

gigi didn't really get plastic surgery tho, I mean, there was no plastic involved right?

I know, I was thinking that too, but I guess since it’s technically an elective cosmetic surgery it is considered “plastic”.

Stay Gorgeous,

Admin Christian

The new Gigi video is up!! And, it’s all about Gigi’s Plastic Surgery Experience to alter her adams apple to make it less protruding. So, press play to go on listen to Gigi’s experience and learn more about the procedure.

And of course, Gigi gives her own key points and advice to the procedure so I know you all will learn something :).

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Almost as good. So amazed that you put so much work into this blog. Thanks. Do you ad photos and videos of yourselves as well? Your hard work and dedication is appreciated.


Well I do have a YouTube Channel, its nothing special and things are still in the works but you can check it out at .

We never post videos on the blog, but we totally would if you would be interested in that!

There is a lot more still in the works so keep checking back!

Check out all the admins on our admin page on the main blog!

Stay Gorgeous,

Admin Christian

Anonymous ♥ asked:

I am so glad I found your blog, and I love your Youtube channel! I hope all is well your world! My question for you is, how tall are you without heels?

Well I am glad that you found our blog too, but just to clear things up, we are three very devoted admins, not Gigi. But I do know a lot about Gigi and she is 5’ 8” without heels.

Stay Gorgeous! :*

Admin Chrstian